About us

At Cog Mobile we specialise in iOS and Android app development with competitive rates. Our app developers have over 11 years of mobile app development experience working for high profile clients across Scotland, the UK and worldwide. We use our mobile expertise to deliver quality, bespoke apps for our clients and pride ourselves on our return business. Leveraging our talented app developers in Scotland, we ensure your brand gets the quality needed to stand out from the billions of competing apps on the iOS and Google Play Stores.




Mobile First

Mobile is at the heart of everything we do at Cog Mobile. Over 52% of all website traffic is generated via mobile phones and this doesn’t even include the billions of apps used everyday.

Our strategy is to focus on mobile, not as an afterthought, but with the priority of our attention. This includes making stunning (always fully native) apps that dominate against the billions of competition and websites that not only aim to ‘respond’ on mobile but that really shine as well as they should on traditional desktop.



We're based in Aberdeen but we do work for clients all over Scotland and beyond.

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